Eight discussion points will be addressed at the panel session during the conference as listed below:

  1. The Intellectual Roots of ‘Islam Nusantara’: Its Core Strength, Relevance and its Contextualization.
  2. Reproducing and Disseminating ‘Islam Nusantara’ in Islamic Education.
  3. Rethinking ‘Islam Nusantara’—In the context of the Dynamics of Islamic Law, Adat and the State’s Legal System.
  4. Rethinking ‘Islam Nusantara’—In the Context of Democracy, Citizenship and Human Rights.
  5. Rethinking ‘Islam Nusantara’—In the Context of Socio-economic Inequality and Ecological Crisis.
  6. Rethinking ‘Islam Nusantara’—In the Context of the Dynamics of New Media and Religious Authority.
  7. Rethinking ‘Islam Nusantara’—In the Context of Religious Plurality
  8. Rethinking ‘Islam Nusantara’—In the Dialogue with Localities

List of accepted abstracts can be seen at this link: http://www.nubelanda.nl/warta/pci-nu/200-list-of-accepted-presenters.

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