1. HE Dr. H. Lukman H. Saifuddin, Minister of Religious Affairs (MoRA) of the Republic of Indonesia
  2. HE Ambassador of Indonesia to the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and Algeria.
  3. Representative of Nahdlatul Ulama head office
  4. Representative of The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI)
  5. Board, committee and members of PCI NU Netherlands’ special chapter
  6. Members of PCINU in Europe and surroundings
  7. Interreligious dialogue figures
  8. Academic, students and researchers
  9. Indonesian Muslim community in the Netherlands
  10. Muslim diaspora from various nationalities in the Netherlands.


Further information regarding this series of activities can be obtained from the conference’s website and the contact persons as follows:

Website :
Email :
Mobile phone :
Ibnu Fikri (+31 6 59 51 46 06)
Syahril Siddik (+31 6 48 65 58 13)