This seminar is co-organized by Special Branch of Nahdlatul Ulama for the Netherlands (PCINU Belanda) and Indonesian Student Association in Wageningen (PPIW), in cooperation with Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Netherlands and The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


The set-up and general implementation will be done by the Committee of Special Branch of NU for the Netherlands, with the assistance of a broader team as mentioned below:

1. Patron  : 1. Rais ‘Am (Supreme leader) of Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama Indonesia
      2. Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands
2. Board of trustee    Nur Hasyim Subadi, LC. (Rais Syuriah of PCINU Belanda)
3. Board of adviser   1. M. Shohibuddin (Mustasyar of PCINU Belanda)
      2. M Latif Fauzi (Katib Syuriah of PCINU Belanda)
      3. Ibnu Fikri (Chief Tanfidziyah of PCINU Belanda)
      4. Syahril Siddik (Vice Chief Tanfidziyah of PCINU Belanda
4. President   : Achmad Sahri (PhD Student at WUR)
  - First Deputy   Dikky Indrawan (PhD Student at WUR)
  - Second Deputy   M Gumilang Pramuwidyatama (Chief of PPIW)
      1. Yitno Suprapto (MSc Student at WUR)
5. Secretary    2. Raushanfikr Muthahhari (MSc Student at WUR)
6. Coordinator of specific events      
  - Seminar  : Fahrizal Yusuf Affandi (PhD Student at WUR)
  - RIKILT lab trip : Nur Alim Bahmid (PhD Student at WUR)


Further information regarding this series of activities can be obtained from the conference’s website and the contact persons as follows:

Website : seminar
Email :
Mobile phone :
Achmad Sahri +31 6 36015969
Fahrizal Yusuf Affandi +31 6 10775049