The set-up and general implementation will be conducted by the Committee of PCI NU Belanda, with the assistance of a broader team as mentioned below:

  1. Patron
    1. Director General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
    2. The Indonesian ambassador to the Netherlands
  2. Board of Trustee
    1. Nur Hasyim Subadi, LC. (Rois ‘Am Syuriah of the Special Branch of NU for the Netherlands
    2. Ibnu Fikri (PhD candidate at VU, Amsterdam)
  3. Board of Adviser
    1. M. Shohibuddin (PhD candidate of UvA, Amsterdam)
    2. M. Fauzi Latief (PhD candidate at Leiden University)
  4. Chairman
    • K Sa’diyah-Broersma (Lakpesdam, Nijmegen)
  5. Secretary
    1. Jamilah (PhD candidate at Radboud University, Nijmegen)
    2. Advan Navis Zubaidi (PhD candidate at Tilburg University)
  6. Coordinator of Specific Events
    1. International conference
      • Syahril Siddik (PhD candidate at Leiden University)
      • PPI Nijmegen
    2. Internal & External affairs
      • Yance Arizona (PhD Candidate at Leiden University)
      • Hadi Purnama (PhD candidate at VU, Amsterdam)
    3. Gala dinner 
      • F.Y. Affandi (PhD candidate at Wageningen University)
    4. Moderate Islam Awards
      • Muhammad As’ad (PhD candidate at Radboud University)
      • Ayu Swaningrum (PhD Candidate at Leiden University)
    5. Art and Culture exhibition
      • Aminuddin TH Siregar (PhD Candidate at Leiden University)
      • Nur Inda Jazilah (Master student at VU, Amsterdam)